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Welcome to Yellow Birch Hobby Farm!

Located on 8 1/2 acres in beautiful Northeastern Minnesota, we are a family-run farm who embraces self-sustained living, raising our variety of animals, and sharing our love of a simplistic lifestyle with like-minded individuals. Homesteading has become a way of life for us; a life that promotes hard work and old fashioned ideals in a world that insists we do otherwise.

A primary focus of our farm is on our food, which we procure largely by ourselves through employing permaculture practices in our organic, heirloom garden and by raising and hunting our own meat. Food is prepared from scratch and preserved through canning, freezing, juicing, and dehydrating. We feel an important connection between the food we raise and in turn feed to our family, and we love to share it all with you here.

So feel free to look around and stay a while! Whether we’re discussing the obsessions of canning, weird chicken eggs, harvesting meat animals, or the world of hugelkultur, there’s surely something for everyone here.

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Yellow Birch Hobby Farm




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7 comments on “Our Farm

  1. So I checked out your blog, I’m really impressed! You have amazing recipes and how-to’s…. I’m now an avid reader of your info! I’m really inspired on your methods of life. .
    Thanks Erin

  2. Erin my daughter Deena Okibiro knew of you and told me of your blog, this is great as I live on a small farm and want to learn as much as I can, I am glad I found your blog

  3. Great job by you and your husband, Erin! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article on your farm in this month’s Acres. Based on your wonderful results, I am going to take a hard look at using hugelkultur beds in my garden. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank-you so much, John! Glad you enjoyed the article! And I absolutely love to hear when someone ventures into hugelkultur…I know that it can be scary trying something new. But I know how much I have benefited from hugel beds in my garden and I only wish everyone to acquire such results. Best of wishes to you!

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