15 Ways to Use Apple Peels & Cores

A hot topic of late {with being apple season} is what to do with the leftover apple peels and cores? {If you’ve already tried the Canned Apple Pie Filling recipe from my previous post or Homemade Applesauce, you might have found yourself already with a mound of scraps!} Sure, we can always compost them or offer them to the animals- but what other uses can we find for those precious scraps? I’ve done a little research for you, and have come up with 15 great uses for them.
15 Different Ways to Use Apple Peels and Cores
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Yes, you can use those scraps to make jelly! }
A simple process with a delicious result…
Yes, I’m serious. Try it πŸ™‚
Works great for other fruit peels as well!
Does it get any better than this?!
6. Smoothies
Blend in with your smoothies for an added dose of fiber!
7. Oatmeal
Save and freeze the peels; chop and add to oatmeal or blend before adding.
Apple peels and cores are rich with natural pectin!
Sounds SO warm and inviting…
Try these Martha Stewart “Apple Peel Twigs”- they look amazing!
11. Salads
Shred the scraps into a salad for a sweet crunch πŸ™‚
The web is full of instructions on how to do this. I like Kathy’s clear and thorough instructions over at The Chicken Chick.
Do you love the smell of fresh baked apple pie? Create your own air freshener πŸ™‚
Dehydrate your way to some amazing potpourri!
Last but not least- these amazing peels can clean your dirty pans. I’m not kidding.

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